Your child’s school is involved in a Step Challenge Fitness Project starting after Easter.

What is the Fitness Challenge?

The Fitness Challenge is a project aiming to encourage Year 4 pupils to be more active by engaging them in monitoring their activity. They will be part of their class team and see how they are doing against their class teacher, their Headteacher and other schools in South Tyneside.

The project is being run by inspiredspaces in conjunction with South Tyneside Council. It is a project targeted at the Health and Well Being of pupils in South Tyneside ? to encourage them to become more active and to make healthy choices.

Key features of the project are:

It will run for 50 school days from 27th April 2015 ? not including the weekends, bank holidays and school holidays;

Each Year 4 pupil will be part of a whole class team;

Your child will be provided with a accelerometer which they will need to wear every school day, clipped to their trousers or skirt waistband;

Every child will be given a challenge of reaching 15,000 steps per day;

Year 4 teachers and the Headteachers will take part in the challenge too!

Coming to school on a bike or scooter too will count to the total number of steps;

They will measure the steps that they take and will record their activities each day on-line at school via an on-line system;

The accelerometer can be reset every morning by pressing a single button;

The steps taken by the class will be collected together to show how far they would have travelled around Europe;

Pupils will be awarded virtual trophies to reward them for their progress; and

Pupils will be able to see how they are progressing against their friends and how their team is progressing against other schools, their teacher and their head teacher.

These are the accelerometers ? please try not to lose them ? we do have the odd spare but not enough for the whole class:

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