What is the Fitness Challenge?

The Fitness Challenge is a project to get year 4 pupils to be more active by engaging them in monitoring their activity. Additional motivation will be provided by making them part of a class team and / or competing against other schools in South Tyneside.

Key features of the project are:

• It will run for a period of 50 school days from April 2015 –not including the weekends, bank holidays and school holidays;

• Each Year 4 pupil will be part of a whole class team;

• Pupils will measure the steps that they take and their activities each day;

• All activity will be converted to a step equivalent e.g. Pupils can get a fixed number of steps for cycling or swimming;

• Pupils will record their steps / activity online each day;

• The results of each pupil in the class team will be averaged to get team progress;

• The steps taken by the team will be collated to show how far they would have travelled around Europe;

• Pupils will be awarded virtual trophies to reward them for progress; and

• Pupils will be able to see how they are progressing against their friends and how their team is progressing against other schools and potentially you and their head teacher!

Schools and pupils will have the ability to enter data online each

day either by computer, tablet or phone.

The challenge:

Pupils will be provided with a accelerometer which they will need to wear every day, attached to their trousers or skirt waistband;

Pupils are given a challenge of reaching 15,000 steps per day – this could equate to:

• 75,000 steps per week per pupil;

• Over 50 days per pupil this would equate to 3,750,000;

• For a class of 28 pupils this would equate to walking over 3,000 miles over the first half term; and

• For a class of 28 pupils over 5,000 miles for the second half term.


We have linked this directly to a specific route that pupils will travel.

The route starts off by following the route of the Jarrow March to

London and then moves on to include many of the capital cities of


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