Frequently Asked Questions

When do pupils add their steps online?

We would suggest that at the end of the day you get them to write down their steps. (You could use the Steps Daily Record Sheet that is on the website). After this get them to reset the steps by pressing and holding the button. The following day you can go on and add the steps online via the kiosk.

What if a pupil leaves half way through the project?

Let us know and we will remove them for you.

What do we do for the Bank Holiday?

Nothing, the system already knows when this is and will discount it.

Can I record steps over the weekend?

It was decided not to do this and the project only runs Monday to Friday and Tuesday to Friday where there is a Bank Holiday.

Can I add steps more than once in a day?

No, the system will only let you add something once a day.

What if I forget to add my steps one day?

Just add them the following day. In effect this means you have added roughly twice the number for that day but none for the missed day. It will work out alright in the end.

Are usernames case sensitive?

No they aren’t but passwords are.

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